by Joanna Fundell

Firstly, let me welcome you to my community. I’ve set this up as a safe place for my readers to meet other likeminded women (or men) in the chat room and share personal experiences, ask questions etc in the forum.

Please take a look around. Start a thread or conversation… Invite your friends to join.

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Forum rules

I only have 3 as I want this to be a free space. 

  1. Be Kind. Cruel or harsh words will not be tolerated. This is a place for interested and inquisitive minds to find out more about topics that impact your everyday lives. Use this space to learn more, share your thoughts and views in a constructive and pleasant manner.
  2. No selling. These areas are not for selling products. If anyone is seen to be selling products, their post will be removed. Again, these areas are for conversations and community. If you’d like to discuss advertising on my website or even collaborating, send me an at
  3. Get involved in the conversations. This community will come to life when all our members share their stories. If you see a conversation about something of interest. Get involved.

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Here to help

If you have any technical questions about the Forum and Chat Room, please contact If you want to leave or post or want advice on topics, get in touch directly with me at I would be happy to help.

Much love,

Jo xxx